Website Disclaimer

A website disclaimer refers to the legal notice placed on websites, which cover the legal issues that might arise out of the operation of the network. The disclaimer usually contains different elements depending on the type of website involved, as well as what it is going to be used for. One of the elements critical in many disclaimers is the license describing how the site should be used, as well as the limitations of liability.

The main reason for having website disclaimers is to ensure that visitors to the site use it in the correct manner. It also limits the liability that the website owner has in case a user ends up taking legal action against them as a direct result of using the site or expecting particular outcome from it and not getting it.

An example of this is when a site provides medical information. In some cases, visitors may take the information as a form of medical consultation and treatment, and then end up treating themselves on the basis of the information they got. In case they end up being harmed as a result of this, they may successfully sue the website if it does not have a disclaimer that expressly prohibits this.

In this scenario, the website would need to have a disclaimer to the effect that the information provided should not be used as a substitute for a medical consultation, and that the information is for educational purposes only. Website disclaimers often need to be tailored to the type of site in question, and should also be as detailed as possible. This might require input from the attorney to draft the disclaimer.