Best New York Legal Services for Real Estate Law

It is common knowledge that the process of purchasing a home can be complex. That’s why many potential homeowners find that it is easier to complete the purchase with the help of a real estate agent. From negotiating over who pays for needed repairs to hiring inspectors, agents can really give a big helping hand to the real estate purchase or sale process. However, what happens if legal issues arise and your real estate agent can’t answer them? It’s time to hire a real estate attorney. In New York, the high property prices indicate that real estate litigation in NY involves higher stakes than elsewhere in the United States. What’s more, the legal framework surrounding real estate transactions is highly complex, and it is certainly not an area where you should navigate on your own. For example, you selling an investment property and planning to buy another investment property. In this case, decisions must be carefully made and a real estate lawyer can tell you whether your plans are feasible. At Ishimbayev Law Firm, we are the real estate law firm you can trust to help you tackle important real estate matters. Whether you are dealing with a dispute with your insurance provider, or a commercial lease dispute, or a contractor dispute; a real estate litigation attorney can advocate for your best interests in an effective way.

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Ishimbayev Law Firm’s real estate attorneys provide skillful representation in complex real estate law cases in New York and New Jersey. You can rest assured that we are extremely well versed in the real estate law discipline, and continually strive to ensure stellar service, personal attention, and open communication to our esteemed clients. We know that each real estate case we handle is unique, and that’s why we will never use cookie-cutter solutions while serving the needs of our clients. We practice a client-first approach and a fixed-fee arrangement with our clients. At our real estate law firm, we focus on accurately assessing all legal and business aspects of a real estate transaction to provide high-quality representation to our clients at all times. When you work with Ishimbayev Law Firm, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we have an excellent understanding of the New York real estate industry and New Jersey real estate industry. There are specific federal, state, and local real estate regulations featured in NY and NJ – and hiring an attorney with an exceptional local knowledge is definitely an advantage to your cause.


Since our inception, we have helped many clients avoid potential legal pitfalls that may arise during the process. Here’s a quick look at our real estate law services:

  • Commercial: development, leases, purchase, sale, financing and restructuring
  •  Residential: leases, purchase and sale (condos, coops, single-family and multifamily homes, townhouses, vacation homes and land
  • Real Estate Closings
  • Review and drafting of Real Estate Sales Agreements
  • Review of title reports, Building Department Records, Surveys and Building Plans, Offering Plans, and any outstanding violations from the Department of Housing
  • Preservation and Development Acquisition of residential property in New York
  • Review of Legality of All Structures on the Property
  • Review of whether there are any unpaid water or real estate or franchise taxes, judgments, liens, ECBs, municipal violations
  • Real Estate Refinancing / Assignments of Mortgage
  • Power of Attorney for any real estate transactions
  • Deed transfers
  • Rate Modifications
  • Title and Lien Search review
  • Equity Lines
  • CEMAs
  • Private Lending
  • Title Insurance Claims and Purchases
  • Assignment of Contracts
  • Dismissal of Liens / Mortgages
  • Enforcing Contract of Sale Rights
  • 1031 Exchanges