Best New York Legal Services for Not-for-Profit Law

When you start a not-for-profit organization, you often need to face a wall of paperwork. If you want to tackle the legal paperwork in the best way possible, it is highly recommended that you use an attorney who has adequate experience and knowledge in the not-for-profit industry. From answering legal questions to filing forms to drafting legal documents, having an attorney who understands not-for-profit law can help you stay compliant in all legal matters. Let’s take a further look at the various features that come with running a not-for-profit organization. First, there are several situations where you need to report to your local government (one that administers your chosen type of incorporated structure), fundraising regulators, taxation offices, and more. While the reporting process can sometimes seem like a burden, a not-for-profit attorney can help ensure everything remains in order and you meet your reporting deadlines. If you are having difficulties understanding an agreement (e.g. funding agreements, employment agreements, leasing/property purchase agreements, and more) that your organization is signing, a lawyer can help you look out for potential issues that may affect your organization at a later time. Agreements can make or break the backbone of the operation of your not-for-profit organization, so make sure you get them right. Another reason to use non-profit lawyers is to protect you and your organization from internal and external disputes. You need someone who understands the law well so that he or she can help your organization have the best outcome as well as ensure certain actions taken can’t be challenged down the track. There are many legal issues to consider at each stage in the life-cycle of your not-for-profit organization. Inevitably, things will change for your not-for-profit group over time. For example, you may need to change your organization’s legal structure, constitution or rules due to a joint venture agreement. Whatever your case may be, Ishimbayev Law Firm is here to help.

Work with the Best Not-for-profit Law Attorneys in NY Today

At Ishimbayev Law Firm, we can fully represent you and your organization in various legal matters such as debt issues, contracts, copyrights, patents, trademarks, employment, lease reviews, applying for or maintaining tax-exempt status, and more. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you are working with a reputable law firm. Our attorneys make sure that your organization’s policies and procedures are up to date and adequate to protect you and your employees too. Need legal assistance while running fundraising or other revenue generating activities? We’ve got you covered. Our not-for-profit law attorneys will help you stay compliant with fundraising laws and regulations. We will make sure that your not-for-profit center is properly registered first and also appropriately report all donations to the IRS. We are extremely transparent with what we do. As our pricing is based on a fixed-fee arrangement, you will know upfront about your legal costs. What’s more, we can customize our legal solutions based on your organization’s specific needs.


We provide a wide range of legal help for not-for-profit organizations in these areas:

  • Helping your non-for profit to get tax exempt status
  • Leasing Contracts
  • Signing State and County Contracts
  • Property Purchasing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Special State and Federal Reporting
  • Taxation Compliance