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Certain types of business activities in the United States require a business license and/or permit. Essentially, business licenses and permits are often issued by governing agencies that allow you to conduct and operate a specific type of business legally. With that in mind, the type of license and permit you need to apply usually depends on the location of your business as well as the federal, state, and local rules that apply in your immediate area. It’s important to note that you cannot operate in an area that’s not zoned for your type of business unless you first acquire a conditional or variance-use permit. If you want to get a variance, our lawyers will present your case before your city’s planning commission. You will not face problems as long as your business does not disrupt the character of the neighborhood where you plan to locate. Licenses and permits are also designed to protect both you and your business. Licenses and permits are extremely affordable and they prevent you from losing more assets or personal finances than you can lose without having a license or permit. You should never overlook this area of law as one of the major parts of starting a business is to think about how to license it and get the right permits. Without the assistance of the business lawyer, the process of finding exactly what you need can be an extensive one. That’s why Ishimbayev Law Firm is in the business to help our clients apply for their relevant licenses and permits with exceptional ease.

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As a leading NY law firm, we can help you determine the most ideal business licenses and permits for your company, whether it’s a new startup or an established business. Our lawyers are experts in business law, and have a wealth of knowledge to offer to any business in New York and New Jersey. Ishimbayev Law Firm is a partner you can trust as we are well-versed with the licenses and permits that you may need to obtain, and we possess the expertise to anticipate what’s ahead for your organization. We are here to help you navigate the various complexities of staying compliant when it comes to your business permits and licenses. The foundation of our business comprises of a client-first approach, exceptional quality, transparency, and integrity. No licensing and permitting case is too small or large for us to handle as we are able to customize our services based on your specific needs. It is guaranteed that you can enjoy stellar attorney services in a cost-effective manner when you work with us.


We are a leading law firm that has helped many business owners applied for a wide range of licenses and permits, and ensured their company remained in good standing. Here’s a quick look at our services regarding licenses and permits:

  • Sales Tax Permit Applications
  • Regulatory Advocacy Services
  • Land Use and Zoning Permit Acquisition
  • Acquire Health Department Permits
  • Tax-Exempt Status Applications
  • Alcohol and Beverage Control Licensing