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Since the inception of the Internet, it has created an entirely new legal dynamic that covers both social and business aspects of things. From eCommerce and privacy to advertising and intellectual property, today’s online environment has generated an array of unique legal challenges to overcome for tech businesses. For example, the advertising and promotion methods used by Internet companies are constantly being scrutinized by regulators and the public. That’s why the companies need to comply with all applicable federal and state laws, i.e. ensuring correct banner ad placements, run email campaigns ethically, and more. Internet and technology businesses, such as web development agencies and software development companies, should seek legal advice on leading edge policy questions to ensure that they stay compliant. When we are talking about technology litigation, we can broadly group this into three categories. The first category is litigation that involves financing matters such as funding, vesting, dilution, and disputes between business partners. The second category is the breach of contract litigation, and the third category is intellectual property litigation. If you are looking for an experienced Internet and technology law firm that speaks your language and is able to assist you in navigating the dynamic maze of regulatory and legal standards in today’s digital economy, look no further than Ishimbayev Law Firm. Our Internet and technology law attorneys possess real-world experience, and are regarded as leading professionals in this discipline.

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Ishimbayev Law Firm is a premier Internet and technology law firm that helps our clients interpret relevant legal issues as well as advocate on their behalf in the event of a formal legal proceeding. Our technology law attorneys in New York are able to provide superior technology-related legal services and counsel for our valued clients. Since our inception, we serve a diverse clientele that comprises a great array of eCommerce, digital media, and Internet and tech companies including affiliates, list managers, aggregators, lead generators, affiliate networks, advertisers, software developers, web design and development companies, and more. Every Internet and technology law case is unique, and we will customize the best legal solutions for your needs. Our unparalleled legal services in Internet and technology law practice will assist you to protect your business via the provision of solid advice regarding software licenses, website agreements, and regulatory compliance issues. What’s more, we will stand alongside you, and help you navigate through all the stages of monetizing, managing, marketing, and developing your tech startup in NY and NJ.


The legal expertise that Ishimbayev Law Firm can offer for Internet and technology businesses is unique because we understand technology like no other law firm. We have helped a wide range of tech businesses in NY solve legal issues, and some of the services we provide in this law practice area include:

  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • DMCA 512 Take Down Requests
  • SSL Opinion Letters
  • Contract Review Services
  • Business and Partnering Agreements
  • Advertising Placement and Insertion Orders
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Develop and Enforce Website Privacy Policies and Disclaimers
  • Mobile App Development Agreements
  • Mobile App and Website Terms of Use (a.k.a. Terms and Conditions) and Privacy Policy
  • Domain Name Disputes