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Employment law is a field of law designed to protect the rights of both employees and employers. Since it is a constantly changing field of law, some businesses find that it is challenging to ensure that their organizational procedures and policies reflect current legislation. Some of the tasks associated with employment law include vetting and drafting employment contracts, as well as resolving employment contract issues and structuring employee compensation, benefits, and incentive schemes. With that in mind, employment law does not encompass the negotiation process that is covered by collective bargaining and labor law. Sometimes, disputes in the workplace can become unpleasant or difficult. That is why many individuals, especially those in executive and senior positions, allow things to continue for so long. In some cases, you realize that the situation cannot be resolved without proper legal advice. That’s where employment legal experts can help you. Today, it is safe to say that working with an employment lawyer is one of the most successful ways to resolve an employment legal issue. The legal professionals in this field of legal practice are trained to handle employment law matters with both discretion and determination. Employment law services are designed to protect your professional reputation as well as ensure your present and future financial stability. You can rest assured that retaining an employment attorney does not mean you have to go to court. In most cases, employment lawyers have the capability to facilitate and negotiate a swift settlement.

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We are a leading employment law firm in NY that is highly committed to developing an array of highly effective solutions that are suited to your employment law cases. Our employment lawyers have helped employees across New York with their employment rights. You can rest assured that we are able to represent you successfully while you stand up for your employment rights. What’s more, our experienced employment lawyers are also trained to offer stellar employment legal advice on all aspects of employment law. That’s why they can explain your legal rights with utmost clarity and what actions you need to take to ensure a positive outcome for your legal case. Ishimbayev Law Firm fully understands and recognizes that every individual is different; so is their employment case. Our bespoke employment law solutions are tailored to your individual needs. You will receive expert, jargon-free, and practical legal advice from your assigned employment lawyer. All in all, when you work with us, you can expect exceptional employment legal advice and services.


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