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Commonly referred to as company law or corporation’s law, corporate law is related to commercial and contract law, as well as deals with the formation and operations of corporations. To understand corporate law, we have to first view it on two levels – under the federal laws and state laws. In certain industries, corporations are subject to federal regulation and licensing (such as public transportation and communications). An example of federal corporate laws is the Securities Act of 1933, which governs how corporate securities such as bonds and stocks are issued and sold. State laws for corporations vary from state to state. A corporation is, at its basics, a legal entity formed under a particular state’s laws that the corporation is incorporated in. State corporate laws will govern over the creation, organization, and dissolution of corporations. Under corporate law, corporations are considered taxable entities, and this protects the business owners as well as the shareholders from personal liability for the debts incurred by the corporation, except from certain areas such as unpaid corporate taxes. Because corporations are taxed at a lower rate than individuals, corporations are often used in tax structuring. Corporations also have perpetual lifespans until formally dissolved. The deaths or terminations of business owners or stockholders do not alter the operational status of the corporation. Also, many states have registration laws that require corporations which are incorporated in other states to obtain permission to perform in-state business.

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As one of the best NY corporate law attorneys, Ishimbayev Law Firm can customize a range of effective solutions that are suited to your corporation during all stages of your business lifecycle. Each state has different corporate laws and that’s why you will need our expertise when you want to form, operate or dissolve a corporation in either New York or New Jersey. Besides acting as counsel to multinational corporations, one of our fortes is to act as mentor to seed companies and early-stage startups. We will make sure that your startup gets off the right foot by performing a flawless business formation legally, and we serve new businesses in many different industries, such as technology, marketing, retail, education, and more. We will use our expertise to help you navigate through the complicated corporate laws such as choosing the type of business structures (such as LLC, LLP, DBA, C-Corp, and S-Corp), and can help you prepare shareholder agreements as well as operating agreements. What’s more, our pricing is based on a fixed-fee arrangement, which is in your advantage as you will know upfront about your legal costs with utmost transparency.


We have extensive experience in representing businesses, from small startups to multinational corporations in a wide variety of cases that involve corporate law, including: Legal Formation of Corporations Joint Ventures Mergers Acquisitions Licensing Arrangements Business Agreements Venture Capital Financing Securities Law Business Tax Consultations