Intellectual Property law


Intellectual property (IP) law comprises a set of rules that secure and enforce legal rights to artistic works, designs, and inventions as well as facilitate the registration procedure of enhanced protections and rights. Working similarly to laws that protect the ownership of real estate and tangible property, intellectual property laws are designed to protect your exclusive control of intangible assets. Today, intellectual property laws are upheld as they allow you to continue developing creative works with confidence while contributing to your community or society. With these laws protecting your works, you will be able to profit from your creations without experiencing fear that’s caused by misappropriation by others. There are two broad categories under IP laws – copyright and industrial property. Copyright involves all kinds of creative works such as art pieces, movies, and books, while industrial property refers to industrial designs, trademarks, and patents. Engaging intellectual property law attorneys to protect you and your works against infringement is a wise move. When you opt for IP law services, you will also be in a better position to prosecute an infringement in court, if necessary. So, who require intellectual property law services? Many companies around the world, including businesses in NY, need this type of service. For example, fast-growing Internet startups, early development companies, leading pharmaceutical innovators, movie directors, authors, musicians, established multinational corporations, and more.


Our intellectual property law practice is highly committed to assist companies based in New York and New Jersey for protecting their intellectual property assets globally. Since our inception, besides facilitated with the registration process of trademarks and copyrights for our clients, our IP attorneys have also successfully fought product counterfeiting as well as copyright and trademark infringement cases in courts. You can rest assured that our savvy intellectual property lawyers are able to deftly handle a wide variety of intellectual property matters, including determining the availability of titles, logos, and names; negotiating and drafting licensing releases, contracts, and agreements; and conducting prepublication legal review of films, magazines, books, and other creative works. At Ishimbayev Law Firm, we practice a client-first approach. We fully understand that each client’s needs are unique, and that’s why we deliver our intellectual property law solutions via a bespoke approach. Whether you want a cease and desist letter or a copyright agreement or a patent application assignment, we are able to help you solve your intellectual property legal problems, and achieve your desired results in a cost-effective manner.


• Non-Disclosure Agreement
• Provisional Patent Application
• IP Enforcement (Cease and Desist)
• IP Monitoring Services
• Licensing
• USPTO Prosecution
• Copyright Registrations
• International Trademark Registrations
• Federal Trademark Registrations
• State Trademark Registrations