PLLC is an abbreviation referring to Professional Limited Liability Company. These are types of companies that are started and owned by people in the same profession, usually as service providers. These corporations usually provide services that are related to the owners’ professions only. Normally, these types of companies are not treated in the same way as regular LLCs.

One of the main points distinguishing PLLCs from LLCs is the fact that they are required to adhere to different rules when starting the business. This usually depends on the nature of the profession, the state in which the business is started as well as federal laws that might require the professions to have legal extra criteria for registration.

In addition to that, these types of business are usually overseen in a different way compared to regular LLCs. For instance, when a physician starts a PLLC which involves providing medical services in a specific town, the business would need to follow special rules to do with medicine, as compared to other LLCs which may not be monitored as much.

Establishment of a PLLC can be a complicated process for this reason. Trying to register such a business without experience in PLLC registration can result in a slow registration process, usually marred by many mistakes. To avoid wasting time and money doing this, having a professional corporate attorney handle the process would be ideal. Ishimbayev Law Firm has enough expertise to handle this with ease, with the extra benefit of not costing as much as other law firms.