NY Trademark Registration

A trademark is an image or symbol that is used to represent a company. For it to be used as such, however, one would need to first come up with the image, and then go through the process of trademark registration in a specific region, such as New York. Registration ensures that the symbol or image legally becomes a representation of your firm, so that anyone using it without the company’s consent would be liable for legal action including fines.

Before beginning the process of registration, one of the first things that one would need to do is decide whether they need state or federal registration. State trademark registration means that the trademark would legally belong to an entity within a particular state. If another business in another state makes use of the trademark, it would not be considered a crime. On the other hand, a federal registration ensures that the trademark is respected in all parts of the country.

The requirements for trademark registration usually vary depending on which type of registration you choose to have, as well as the state in which this is done. For instance, in the state of New York, such registration is usually done in the Office of the Secretary of State.

Besides the trademark, other information needed for the filing include the applicant’s name, the business address, a description of the trademark and a listing of the goods and services provided by the business. In addition to that, the trademark should not be registered to another party. A search usually has to be done in order to determine this. Having the help of a corporate lawyer will ensure a smooth process for NY trademark registration.