NJ Trademark Registration

Trademark registration in New Jersey is a procedure that has to be undertaken with care for it to be successful. There are several steps in registering a trademark, and all these need to be done perfectly. The fact that trademark law can be complicated in many scenarios means that for the best outcome, you would need to work with a lawyer who has a lot of experience in trademark law.

Usually, words and images or logos can be trademarked in New Jersey. By doing so, one basically declares that the word or image is representative of a particular business or entity, and that no other party would be allowed to use it. When doing trademark registration, accuracy is essential. If you are going to trademark a word, it is important that the spelling of the word be correct, including any punctuation points.

In the case of logos, any text within the logo has to be clear or defined. In addition to that, the registration facility usually requires a JPG image of the logo for registration. It’s a good idea to submit a high-quality copy of the logo. In order to make a logo more effective, the New Jersey Patent & Trademark office requires that all the goods and services represented by the logo be listed.

Other basic information you will need to submit include the owner’s identity and address, the state of incorporation and the name and title of the person filing the trademark forms. As is the case with other legal procedures, working with a trademark lawyer is essential for the registration to be smooth.