Municipal Violations

Municipal violations are usually minor offences which involve infringement of a municipal bylaw, also known as infractions. Bylaws are usually created by municipal councils, and are usually not part of federal law. They are used to put in place measures that need to be adhered to by people who are within that jurisdiction, and include issues such as speed limits and what fines one would be charged with if they exceed such limits. Usually, the federal government is not directly involved in the oversight and implementation of these rules, but they have to be within federal law.

Municipal bylaws cover many things in addition to setting speed limits. This means that it is easy for many people to break such laws (which usually affect day to day activities) and then get citations or fines for them. When in such a position, it is important for an individual to treat the issue seriously, rather than to simply brush it off.

When municipal violations are committed and the relevant bodies such as police involved, the perpetrator usually receives a ticket of some sort, and has to pay a fine. During this process, it is the role of the officer giving the ticket to furnish the perpetrator with all the information they need including why they are getting the municipal violation ticket, how much they will need to pay and how to go about paying it. Neglecting attending to such tickets usually has increasingly worse outcomes, such as higher fines and penalties. When a party is convinced that they do not deserve such a ticket, it would be wise to hire an attorney to look into the matter for them rather than to simply pay it off.