LLC Publication

LLC publication is just one of the steps that one requires to take when setting up a limited liability company in many states in the USA. The requirements for such publication vary depending on the state involved, with New York being noted to have one of the most intricate guidelines regarding it. Failure to publish the LLC may result in denial to do business in the jurisdiction involved.

In many cases, the LLC publication is not a simple matter of publishing in the papers once. States such as New York require that new LLCs publish at least once a week for six weeks in a row in two newspapers which are designated by the county clerk. Usually, one of these papers has to be a weekly and one has to be a daily.

Once you submit your information for publishing, the printer or publisher of the newspaper will then provide an affidavit of publication which can be used as evidence of publication in subsequent steps of the registration process. This Certificate of Publication then has to be filed at a cost of around $50 depending on the state.

LLC publication is one of the most important steps in the process of setting up an LLC in many states. Failure to do so will result in suspension of the company, which means that it will not be allowed to carry out any business until all the requirements are met. This is why the presence of a lawyer is usually important when setting up any type of company. They can help you identify the laws you need to adhere to, and help you navigate them as well.