Independent Contractor Agreement

There are many people who often find themselves in need of contractors for specific jobs. In many cases, an independent contractor is preferred. In these instances, having the contractor and the client on the same page is a critical issue, and one that has to be clearly defined. An independent contractor agreement is a document that seeks to provide this service.

This type of document is usually drawn up by the client. It contains information about what the client expects from the contractor, as well as the obligations that the contractor will adhere to. Rather than drawing one up yourself or getting a template online, it would be wise to consult an attorney to handle it since they will come up with an agreement that is suited to the client’s specific needs and circumstances.

There are many things that can be included in an independent contractor agreement. Some of the common ones include a description of the project. This usually has to be very detailed. In case the contractor does not conform to this, it would be easy for the client to either take legal action against them for breach of contract, or convince them to correct the mistakes they made. A point worth reiterating is that for this to be an effective clause in the agreement, it has to be well thought out.

Other clauses that can be present in the agreement include the expected duration within which the contract should be completed, the allowance in price increases as well as any other requirements the client might have.