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Whether you are the owner of a small retail business or a multi-national tech startup, Ishimbayev Law Firm can offer you excellent legal counsel that will help to safeguard your business and support your operational growth. With industry-leading expertise in business and entrepreneurship, you can count on us whenever you need legal guidance for your business.

At Ishimbayev Law Firm, we practice a client-first approach. You will always have our listening ears before we recommend the most appropriate legal solutions for your needs. We also practice a fixed-rate fee structure, ensuring absolute transparency about the legal costs you will pay. You will never have to worry about cookie-cutter templates when you work with us, because we fully understand every client is unique and requires a customized suite of legal solutions. No case is too big or too small for our NY business attorneys to handle – so you can feel confident and enjoy complete peace of mind when you make ILF your preferred choice for legal services in New York.


Ishimbayev Law Firm is a boutique NY law firm that specializes in a wide range of practice areas where we counsel and represent clients across different industries. As a market-leading legal specialist for businesses, we provide customized legal solutions while staying extremely reliable and highly transparent. We are uniquely placed to help our clients resolve their most complex legal challenges, and can offer stellar value for both small businesses and multi-national corporations.

Hi, my name is Dmitriy Ishimbayev

I will help you with your business.

If you want to build a startup, I will manage all legal requirements.

If you want to grow, I will use my business experience and legal knowledge to move your business smoothly to the next level.

If your business has stalled, I will help solve the problems, so you can resume accelerating toward your goals.

I am Dmitriy Ishimbayev. I founded Ishimbayev Law Firm P.C. in 2015 and I practice in New York and New Jersey.

I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the City University of New York. Before attending New York Law School, I worked in banking, managed a 40-person project team at a Fortune 50 company, and created and operated my own retail business.

Using my experience, I will give you a multi-dimensional analysis to ensure that our actions meet your business’ legal, financial, and operational goals. At Ishimbayev Law Firm, P.C., we practice a client-first approach. We take the time to provide what each client deserves – a customized suite of legal solutions rather than a cookie-cutter template. Our fixed-rate fee structure guarantees absolute transparency about your legal costs.

If you have a question about your business, contact me today. I am here for you.