incorporate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Not all non-profit organizations are tax exempt from either state or federal taxes. Just because it is non-profit does not automatically qualify it to be tax-exempt. The term 501(c) or 501(c)(3) is mistakenly assumed as a title for charitable or non-profit organizations in general. This is incorrect. Those numbers and letters refer to a specific internal revenue code tax category. Whether the association is unincorporated or incorporated, it must file for tax exemption (and its

proposed rent hike New York

Living in New York City is so desirable that people will pay exorbitant rents for even the smallest of studios. The City is beautiful, economic opportunities overflow, the atmosphere is fun, energetic, and lively, and the city itself is exceedingly diverse. What’s not to love. Except, of course, for that crazy rent paid for a tiny little space. Unfortunately, that rent is about to increase. The rent on certain hotel units, apartments, and rent stabilized

impeach the president

If history has taught us anything, it’s that efforts to impeach the president may not always work, but can resolutely end up in his resignation. So whereas impeachment may not be achieved, the ultimate goal has been reached. When concentrating your efforts on something of this magnitude it is essential that legalities be followed to the letter. One slip-up can result in not only failing at your attempted impeachment but possible repercussions at a higher

NY paid family leave program

The Paid Family Leave program, recently put into effect in New York, provides employees with wage replacement so that they can: fulfill their duty as an active military service person, care for a seriously ill, close relative, or bond with their child. Employees are guaranteed continued health insurance and the return to their job. They may, however, be required to pay a portion of their health insurance premiums if they currently contribute to the cost

office lease negotiation

If you have your own business and have decided that it’s time to either move from your home office to an office building, or if you are fortunate enough to already have a business profitable enough for an office building but need a bigger space, you’re going through a very exciting point in your life. It means that you are successful in business and life. If you did not or do not intend to buy

contractual disputes

Attorneys are frequently deluged with inquiries that have to do with contractual disputes involving the implementation of solutions for IT/networking and the development of software. Had there been in place an initial contractual agreement which had been carefully tailored at the very beginning, many of these problems may never have occurred in the first place. Hopefully, this will give people something to think about regarding developers and software companies. Possibly they should consider that when

trademark registration

The short and straightforward answer to this question is – no. Rights to trademarks are solely country by country. Your trademark will not be protected in Canada or Europe if your registration is in the United States. What’s more, you may not have rights to the trademark in another country merely by utilizing your trademark. However, usually, foreign registrations are supposed to offer some protection abroad for your trademark. Seeking the advice of a professional

Statement of Work SOW

Many businesses outsource contractors to manage part or all of a project. Before hiring a contract employee or company, it’s imperative to have all the parties involved understand the scope of the agreement. Everyone taking part needs to agree to a precise and clear Statement of Work, so there are no disputes and misunderstandings regarding deadlines, benchmarks, or needs. Follow these steps to increase the probability of completing a SOW successfully. 561

sign a binder

One of the most important jobs an attorney has is to advise clients whether to sign an individual document and what the results will be if they do. But what if you need to sign a binder for your real estate transaction? Read on to find out more before putting your signature down. 558

startup financing understanding valuation cap

In the early stages of building a business, entrepreneurs may only need enough cash to cover current expenses and can manage with a credit card or savings. As the business grows, however, more capital may become necessary, and many business owners turn to friends, family, or angel investors for additional funds. In return, they offer convertible notes. If you are considering raising money for your startup, you may be wondering about a valuation cap.