Blockchain is an emerging technology with the potential for improvement, expansion, growth and innovation. This evolving aspect of blockchain technology warrants excitement, with a tinge of caution thrown in for good measure. For this reason, consulting with a blockchain lawyer or cryptocurrency lawyer may prove reassuring. 706

This article will survey the developing regulation of the cryptocurrency, or virtual currency, industry. It will focus on U.S. federal and state regulatory efforts, which are a work in progress. Future newsletters will continually update these efforts, and report on significant international regulatory developments. Often described as the wild, wild west, the cryptocurrency environment has belonged to modern-day moonshiners and gold miners; independent, anonymous, private investors thriving in an unregulated, investor-beware, high-risk-high-reward atmosphere. To the

This article, the first of several, gives you a broad view of cryptocurrency from its history to its present use, security, and regulations. Future articles will keep you current with this burgeoning means of exchange for investors, non-profits, and peer-to-peer businesses.          Is cryptocurrency the tech world’s logical successor to paper money? Historically, currencies have evolved to meet the needs of a changing world. Early ancient agrarian societies traded with goats and grains. Centuries

IP protection for new startup

When you set up a business in New York, or anywhere in the U.S., it is imperative that you take steps to protect your brands, trademarks, and other intellectual property. IP rights are valuable assets that can be used as security for loans, to distinguish your business from competitors, to offer your customers something unique, and even provide you an important revenue stream. 626

franchises in New York

If you are interested in running a franchised business, and you have even read about the fundamental steps of starting a business, it is recommended that you also familiarize yourself with the different types of franchises that are available in the current market. Although geographic location and size are some of the factors used to differentiate between various types of franchises, there are three key types of franchises we talk about when it comes

legal analytics

Since centuries ago, lawyers understood the importance of conducting legal research so that they can identify useful cases, statutes, and regulations to support their lawyering work. Legal research is also one of the areas that every law student will be exposed to during their time in law school. However, in the recent past, legal analytics has become a buzzword. Don’t be mistaken; legal analytics is not meant to replace legal research. Legal research is,

tenant in New York

Today, landlords in New York terminate tenant leases over a wide variety of reasons. Due to the changes in the political climate in the United States, it is becoming more and more common that tenants are threatened with eviction calls based on their immigration status. This post sets out to inform your rights as a tenant and what you can do if you face harassment from your landlord in relation to your immigration status.

investors for private offerings

New businesses or companies that are just getting started must understand investor classifications before they seek investment capital. Which class of investors cannot and which investors can participate in private offerings? Regulation D put forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission, states that in order to raise funds, the private offering of stock may be issued by an organization without the organization registering officially to “go public”. (A detailed explanation of Regulation D offerings can

NY solar tax credit on geothermal systems

New Yorkers who have installed geothermal systems, an energy efficient and increasingly common method of heating homes, will not be able to use Tax Law Section 606 g-1, a tax credit that covers expenditures made for the installation of qualifying equipment involved in solar energy systems. This decision was recently reached (and enforced) by New York’s tax appeals tribunal. Their reason, or explanation, for this ruling was that the geothermal system does not directly use

copyright infringement Youtube

Should a YouTube creator be shocked and appalled when they are sued for copyright infringement? That all depends. When creators post YouTube content that ends up being successful, copyright infringement suits are somewhat predictable. Copyright lawsuits frequently target YouTubers, motion picture studios, television networks – any company or person that professionally creates content. This is just the way of the world these days. Those who are caught off guard or surprised by infringement claims,