Blockchain is an emerging technology with the potential for improvement, expansion, growth and innovation. This evolving aspect of blockchain technology warrants excitement, with a tinge of caution thrown in for good measure. For this reason, consulting with a blockchain lawyer or cryptocurrency lawyer may prove reassuring. 706
This article will survey the developing regulation of the cryptocurrency, or virtual currency, industry. It will focus on U.S. federal and state regulatory efforts, which are a work in progress. Future newsletters will continually update these efforts, and report on significant international regulatory developments. Often described as the wild, wild west, the cryptocurrency environment has belonged to modern-day moonshiners and gold miners; independent, anonymous, private investors thriving in an unregulated, investor-beware, high-risk-high-reward atmosphere. To the


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This article, the first of several, gives you a broad view of cryptocurrency from its history to its present use, security, and regulations. Future articles will keep you current with this burgeoning means of exchange for investors, non-profits, and peer-to-peer businesses.          Is cryptocurrency the tech world’s logical successor to paper money? Historically, currencies have evolved to meet the needs of a changing world. Early ancient agrarian societies traded with goats and grains. Centuries later
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